Collyre Bleu Eye Drops Reviews

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These worked pretty well for me. It is true that the blue dye will run down your face if you don’t apply the drops carefully. You have to tilt your head straight back, aim the bottle right at your iris and don’t blink until the drops have a chance to spread over the surface of the eye. In my case, they do noticeably brighten my iris and make it slightly bluer (my eyes are more towards grey than blue) and they definitely make the whites look whiter and clearer. I’ve read mixed reviews on other sites. They seem to work for some people and not for others. Maybe because there are different reasons for eyes looking tired or red? These drops are intended for whitening a yellowish sclera, not really to take the red out if you have allergies or severe irritation. FYI Visine contains a drug (tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride) that constricts the blood vessels in the eyes and that is how it takes the redness out. These drops do not contain tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.

– Jane Hughs

These eye drops have been a lifesaver for me. I usually wake up every morning with red, bloodshot eyes, caused by either lack of sleep, allergies or my recent use of Latisse. Just one tiny drop of these in each eye leaves the whites so bright that you would swear I had just returned from a restful spa vacation! I have tried other brands but this one (in my opinion) works best. I use them daily as part of my morning ritual.
– Gina

These are great eye drops that actually reduce redness and they DO color the whites of an eye into blue! Amazing! Not for the whole day, of course, but for a couple of hours, worth to buy.
I used Innoxa for some time, but when I used them they were now known in USA, so there was no place to buy them unless I stock myself up while traveling. They should be disposed after 10 days after opening also.
Laiter lasts longer not to mention work way better than Innoxa.

– Lucy B.

so refreshing !!! I get alot of migrains and it all starts in my eyes. I used this product before any reading or computer work and it really does help….LOVE IT !

– D.I. Miller

This product does a great job of brightning my eyes in the am, I very often don’t get enought sleep, but the bley eye drops fool everyone.

– Lena65