Makeup Artists’ Best Kept Secret

Collyre Bleu Eyedrops are a product of France and are distributed in Europe by the French company, GSP or Groupe Services Pharmactifs, Inc. In the United States, however, Verseo, Inc. distributes the product via here. Product distributors claim that makeup artists have used the drops for years to enhance and intensify the color of blue eyes and to whiten the sclera (visible white portion) of all eye colors.

The drops contain several ingredients that are common to many eye drop solutions on the market including boric acid — used to irrigate eyes and balance pH of the eye environment. Boric acid should be used sparingly in eye solutions due to possible toxicity. Among other ingredients are botanicals such as chamonmilla recutita extract, anthemis nobilis extract, and malva sylvestris extract. While these botanicals will not irritate the eye, there is not evidence that they have any efficacy regarding intensifying the color of blue eyes or whitening the sclera of the eye. The common eye remedy, Visine, contains a substance called tetrahydrazaline hydrochloride which acts to constrict red blood vessels in the eye, thereby reducing redness.

However, it is claimed that Collyre Bleu drops decrease any dingy yellow tint that may be present in the sclera. One of the ingredients in the drops is C142051 or blue dye. Blue and violet tints can cancel out yellow tints and this may be the basis for the claim. However, there is no evidence that blue dye can deepen the pigment of the iris ( the muscle that gives the eye its color) of blue eyes. Perhaps the contrast of the ‘whitened’ sclera gives the appearance of a more intense blue in the iris of the eye. Additionally, the blue dye could ostensibly permanently stain or tint soft contact lenses; therefore, the solution is not indicated for use with contact lenses.

The product sells for $29.95 plus shipping and handling on the Verseo website. Trying the product for effectiveness is most likely harmless, but use use of this product or any other with no safety record should first be discussed with a physician.

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