Contributes To Whiter Eyes

Anyone who is interested in eliminating redness from their eyes should try Collyre Bleu. Produced in France, it is the most effective product on the market for soothing tired eyes and enhancing the color and brightness of the eyes. Collyre Bleu is used by models and celebrities to make their eyes brighter and to eliminate redness. Collyre Bleu soothes irritated and tired eyes. Within seconds of using it, you will see the redness disappear and your eyes will feel revived. Collyre Bleu is effective in making the eyes look clear and bright by taking away redness caused by fatigue, allergies or any other factors that cause red eyes.

Collyre Bleu will revive your eyes which will enhance the appearance of being alert and awake. Your eyes will be enhanced for photographs as well. Collyre Bleu eye drops eliminates the yellow color from the white part of the eye, enhancing brightness.

Collyre Bleu enhances any eye color. It contains a blue dye that counteracts the yellow or red appearance of the sclera (white part of the eye). Therefore, the misconception is that it only enhances blue eyes. This is not the case. Collyre Bleu will brighten the appearance of any eye color.

Collyre Bleu is safe for sensitive eyes and can also be used by contact wearers.

The product also comes in monodoses which means that each vial contains only a few applications. This ensures maximum quality of the product. Once you’ve used all the applications from one vial, simply discard and a new vial will be awaiting the next application.

Collyre Bleu contains natural ingredients including aqua, boric acid, chamomilla recutita extract, anthemis nobilis extract, malva sylvestris extract, sodium chloride and sodium borate.

In just one application of Collyre Bleu, you will feel revitalized and your tired and dry eyes will be refreshed and renewed. You will feel awake and ready to face the next challenge. Your appearance will be more appealing as Collyre Bleu eliminates the tired and fatigued look, which in turn helps dark circles to disappear underneath the eyes. With Collyre Bleu you will be able to focus on your work and not your appearance.

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