Brighten up your eyes with a youthful shine.

Eliminate the look of dry and yellow eyes with Collyre Bleu Eye Drops. Rejuvenate, and flood your gaze with a splash of intense, dazzling color. Once only available in France and now finally available in the US!

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Where To Buy Collyre Bleu Eye Drops

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Hollywood Celebrities Reveal Their Secret to Stunning Eyes

Collyre Bleu eye drops are quickly becoming one of the leading eye drops in the world. If you have always wanted that fresh, bright-eyed look that many celebrities and models have, you now have that option. Originally not available for the public to use are now available for everyone who is looking to enhance their natural beauty.

Benefits of Collyre Bleu Eye Drops

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For those who wake up and look in the mirror and are weary of seeing a tired, dull look in the eyes can within seconds of use see and feel a difference as their eyes take on a brand new appearance.

You will not only look more refreshed and ready to face the day but you will also feel it as well. They are a great way to increase your self confidence as you look at the world through brighter eyes.

Collyre Bleu Only Contains Natural Ingredients

Most eye whitening drops work by using a drug called tetrahydrozaline hydrochloride. This drug works by constricting the eyes blood vessels therefore, lessening the redness. Collyre drops do not contain any drugs, only natural ingredients that include: water, boric acid, chamomilla recutita extract, sodium chloride and borate, malva sylvestris and a blue dye (C142051).

How do Collyre Bleu Eye Drops work?

When applied correctly the blue dye cancels out any yellow or red shades of the eye. When your sclera (white part of the eye) appears whiter, the iris (colored part of the eye) appears brighter. This solution is safe and natural and can be used long term as there are no drugs in the solution.
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How To Use Collyre Bleu (Directions)

Apply one drop in each eye twice a day. They are available in single dose vials, which keep the product fresh and lessen any chance of contamination. As with any product it is important to follow usage directions and do as the packaging says when it comes to how many drops you should use per day.
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Used By Celebrities, Singers, Actresses, Makeup Artists and More

Makeup artists have been using these eye drops for years on a large number of models, singers, actresses and other types of celebrities.

No matter what type of business you are in, everyone knows that first impressions are very important. Now you can feel confident in knowing you look your best when you go to meet future clients or business partners.

Besides being a great asset for using before work. they are also ideal for special occasions. If you have a big date you are getting ready to go on or a night out with your friends you want to look and feel the best you can. By simply putting in these blue eye drops, your eyes will possess that healthy, beautiful glow.

Useful For Many Occasions

Collyre Bleu eyedrops are perfect for enhancing your looks before photographs. Applying them before any photo taken will add that extra special something you are looking for.

Many people who work in front of computers for long periods of time throughout the day love to use Collyre Bleu eye drops because they help their eyes feel rested after staring at the computer screen all day.

They are also perfect for your wedding day. Many brides to be are nervous on their special day and may not have slept well the night before. Now you can still shine as you walk down the aisle with your eyes looking bright.

Everyone Can Use Collyre Bleu

They are good to use no matter what color of eyes you have. Whether you have green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes or hazel eyes these eye drops will make your eyes stand out and make the color of your eyes brighter.  Collyre Bleu can also be used with contact lenses.

Where To Buy Collyre Bleu Eye Drops

They are available for purchase online by clicking on the image shown below:

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